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Very enjoyable experiance i liked it i just wish it was longer

Full Playthrough on my Tik Tok


3 scary games!!

Is the first one I play, Hope you enjoy.

very nice!!!

Thanks a lot for playing!

youre' welcome!!!


As a parent hearing the girl cry genuinely made me want to help her. Though I'm sure that was your point. Really well done.

*Your game starts at 14:34*

I like the concept. 
Show post...

Scary one

Was a really great and short game! It was even sweet as well, when the player finds out that the shadows are just little things that the kid could be scared of and it reminds them of their own childhood and that connection is what makes this game just that much greater! I think the exploration was fun and the house had a lot of life in it; though my one suggestion would be to make the rooms smaller and add a lot more things, that way you still have the task of finding things being a little hard and also breathes more life into the house.

The other thing I may suggest is to add more spider themed stuff around as the spider at the end came out of nowhere. That being said it was pretty cool how you incorporated the gameplay into the final scare!

(Also loved how the number of things you have to check increased and went bloodshot, that was a great addition and well thought out!)

Well done and keep it up!

Thanks a lot!

It's a really nice horror game! But I REALLY hoped there is a way to save the little girl. It just breaks my heart at the end ><

Gave it a go...

Good game I gues

This was quite good. The end really scare me...!!!

I really liked this.  I had genuine chills a couple times, and I always like that more than straight jump scares.  Good stuff!

Thanks a lot!

A short and simple game, despite all the negatives i think this game was fun to play and the ending was not expected at all! For a first go it is a great try ,people always under estimate how hard it is to make games.

 It will be interesting to see what other content you end up making , do not be discouraged, it was a neat experience if you play the game for what it is , it was enjoyable and that is what games are for, again for a first try i think it was a good effort, i featured it in my trio of scary games and yours is the first one in.


Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement! I know the game is far from perfect, I take "bad comments" as advices and won't give up making games, practice makes the master, I'm glad you enjoyed!


I have no words for this to be honest.
It starts off very weirdly, my mouse cursor was still visible throughout the whole game and why would you make the player hold down the left mouse button for the flashlight to stay turned on? The environment was alright, wasn't that bad but you could've done more with the surrounding. Also those 4 clues you had to find...why were these some black weird bubbles? And you had to walk on them for some seconds so it gets discovered? And the items/objects that were in those bubbles...why? What do they have to do with anything? 
I know this is supposed to be a short game and probably for the 2 minute game jam but couldve done way more with this. I don't consider this a horror game.

1/10 = 1 star 

Im sorry you did't enjoy it :/ I dont know why cursor was visible, on all devices I tested this it was hidden or I just had to alt + tab game window once, It was my first 3D game so i didnt know that "Hold mouse button" mechanic is something bad, but lot of ppl were suprised by this, so I will avoid it in next games, also I wanted to make surroundings more detailed but the game was made in 3 days so i couldnt focus on graphic aspect that much :(, Bubbles were supposed to be "search the house" task, I wanted to make something with fading objects because I needed to practice this, and "fading dark orbs" were ment to be a fog or a mist that you have to enlight to make sure that there is nothing your dauther should be aware of, but i couldnt make anything fog-like so i did just fading orbs in act of desperation xd, nontheless thanks for your opinion I will do my best in next jams!

I'm not a professional reviewer of horror games or anything, I'm just stating my own opinion  so don't take it too heart as much :) BUT I'm honest with all the reviews I do.
Also I'd then suggest you to take a little longer time in practising and in general take your time with making games, get some inspirations, watch some tutorials or whatever. But you should expect bad feedback if you release a bad game, ya know?

Also I wouldn't really rely on/trust the "YouTuber's" opinions...they mostly only say nice things so you like their video or share their video or whatever. Of course not everyone is like that but still. As for me, my reviews are 100% honest, brutally honest.
Thanks for reading it though. :) Just take your time with making games. Practice makes perfect.

Thanks a lot! I have a lesson not to make games just before a deadline

Silly little horror experience! Keep going and try to see what else you can do! Check out my video below and please subscribe!

Thanks for the video and advice! I will try my best in next jams I will participate

I made a video of your game :V but in spanish jsjsjs

It would be better if the story explains why there dark spots in the house.

Thanks for playing!

not even a horror game at all


I enjoyed the game but It was not scary enough. hope to see more games from you in the future! The game is at 0:40. the first game I played.

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)


Hi! I know the game is not the best but i had very little time to make it work because it was made for 2 minute horror jam, so most of my ideas had to go to te bin :/ nonetheless great video! I hope my next games will be more enjoyable for you!

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Nice little game! I was wondering why there were eggs lying around. Check out my video, the game is the first one!  Please check out my channel: VladMan, Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed!

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Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) My YouTube Channel

Thanks a lot for playing!

Didn't see that ending coming.

Thanks a lot for the video!

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This was short and sweet.

Nothing really scary, the crying was scarier than anything else.

But, pretty good for a 2 minute horror.


It could be better in terms of speed and scariness at the end. Nice start and has potential.

Thanks a lot for the gameplay

Hey there! Decided to play your game for a little theme video - five scary games centered around children (babies, school, etc). Yours is the first in the video!

I love the basic idea here for a two-minute horror experience. From an immediately unsettling title to the sound of a child crying for help, you set a mood right away, and the payoff to the little goose chase you're sent on is pretty dam good.

I do however feel like the main mechanic of making the darkness fade kind of lessens the impact of coming back to the room, considering you get to see the creature fade in. Perhaps you should instead have gone to inpect some noises, then return - and be met with a grisly sight right away!

But I do realize this done over a very short time, and I nonetheless enjoyed the idea greatly! Made for a good start to this vidoe, that's for damn sure.

Thanks a lot for gameplay and the comment, yeah I am not proud of that ending neither but I had very little time and a lot of ideas had to be thrown away :/ At least I got a lesson not to do things just before a deadline xd

This was an interesting game. It was a bit hard to see, and a little confusing at first, but I liked it overall! I didn't get to see the monster in the end though haha

Thanks for the video!

here is my video on it Amazing Game!

Thanks for playing and the vid!

Your Welcome! :D

sorry but i cant see anything in your game

I think the crying was the scariest part 😆 starts @2:44

Thanks for the gameplay!

I was confused at first bc of the dark spots, I didn't get it so fast. I liked the concept, I think it was creative how you tell the story in so little time


Yeah a lot of ppl had problem with that, I will fix these kind of problems in next games thanks for playing!

Pretty neat! Think the concept would've pulled off better if there was a better monster at the end, but considering time restraints and it being your first 3D game, I'd say it's a step in the right direction. So good job and keep at it~


Thanks a lot, honestly Im not pround of that ending neither, but i had one day to make the ending and all sounds so I had to do it "just right" xd


Anytime. And yeah, honestly having dabbled in game development in my spare time, I'm just impressed people are able to make games like these in the short amount of time given. The foundations for a great game are already there, so I'm excited to see what you do in the future.

Lool this game was short but *kinda* cool. Its the first game I play in my vid

Thanks for the gameplay!

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game I made a youtube video as well as a blog post.

Thanks a lot for the review, I had a very good time watching it and yes most of models are rough Unity3D shapes squashed or stretched xd


You are very welcome! I am an indie game dev myself and I love to try and help the community. I hope as my site grows your game will get lots of traffic!!! Thanks so much for making a game!!

This game was an interesting concept and I definitely didn't expect the ending, liked the idea of having to get close to the objects to actually see what they were. Anyway I added it to my horror game compilation below!

Thanks for playing, not gonna lie if I had more time i would find better "monster" at the end perhaps just a dark silhouette, or dauther will just tell you to "run." but i made this game just before a deadline and spider was first free asset I found xD

I get it, I knew it was for a 48 hour jam so I was like still good for two days. It was honestly kind of funny at the end with the spider because it was so random lol

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