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Dad, I'm scared

Is my first 3D game ever released, created for "Two-Minute Horror Jam". I made it in period of 3 days using two 3D model assets due to my lack of modeling skills.

You woke up in the middle of the night by your daughter sob. She is certain that You are not alone there. Search your house, find all dark spots, prove her wrong. 


DadImScared.zip 24 MB


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This was an interesting game. It was a bit hard to see, and a little confusing at first, but I liked it overall! I didn't get to see the monster in the end though haha

here is my video on it Amazing Game!

Thanks for playing and the vid!

sorry but i cant see anything in your game

I think the crying was the scariest part 😆 starts @2:44

Thanks for the gameplay!

I was confused at first bc of the dark spots, I didn't get it so fast. I liked the concept, I think it was creative how you tell the story in so little time


Yeah a lot of ppl had problem with that, I will fix these kind of problems in next games thanks for playing!

Pretty neat! Think the concept would've pulled off better if there was a better monster at the end, but considering time restraints and it being your first 3D game, I'd say it's a step in the right direction. So good job and keep at it~


Thanks a lot, honestly Im not pround of that ending neither, but i had one day to make the ending and all sounds so I had to do it "just right" xd


Anytime. And yeah, honestly having dabbled in game development in my spare time, I'm just impressed people are able to make games like these in the short amount of time given. The foundations for a great game are already there, so I'm excited to see what you do in the future.

Lool this game was short but *kinda* cool. Its the first game I play in my vid


Thanks for the gameplay!

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game I made a youtube video as well as a blog post. 


Thanks a lot for the review, I had a very good time watching it and yes most of models are rough Unity3D shapes squashed or stretched xd


You are very welcome! I am an indie game dev myself and I love to try and help the community. I hope as my site grows your game will get lots of traffic!!! Thanks so much for making a game!!

This game was an interesting concept and I definitely didn't expect the ending, liked the idea of having to get close to the objects to actually see what they were. Anyway I added it to my horror game compilation below!

Thanks for playing, not gonna lie if I had more time i would find better "monster" at the end perhaps just a dark silhouette, or dauther will just tell you to "run." but i made this game just before a deadline and spider was first free asset I found xD

I get it, I knew it was for a 48 hour jam so I was like still good for two days. It was honestly kind of funny at the end with the spider because it was so random lol

This game confused me at first but I did not expect the ending to be like THAT! I played it on my channel and it's the 1st game

keep up the good work too

Thanks a lot for the gameplay!

Really good entry for the 2 minute horror jam, it's the first game I played in this video.

Thanks for the gameplay! 

Great job!! The ending suprised me XD

Thank you, ans thanks for playing!

Really good -- in two minutes, wow!


Thanks a lot!

So cool

Thanks for the video!


Thanks a lot!

I really enjoyed! The monster wasn't what I expected!


Thank you!

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Pretty cool game! Haven't seen many games explore horror from a parent perspective. Hearing the girl cry genuinely made me want to help her and tugged at my heart strings a bit. Which I'm sure was your point. Have you thought about making multiple endings? Thanks more making this game Dotto4213, I followed you and will be playing your other games!

*Your game starts at 14:34*

Thanks a lot! I considered that Idea but I had too little time to make it work, I barely made it working before the deadline xd

Ok have to say that the ending got me good.  Check it out.

Thanks a lot for the gameplay!

Interesting idea. The equivilant to checking under the bed i think. My playthrough starts at 12:58!

Thanks for playing!


Cool and short little game, the ending was creepy and satisfying, wish it was slightly longer to figure out what was going on and why.

Thanks for the gameplay!

A Great short horror game

Thanks for the video!

This spooked me, I was not expecting the end

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Thanks a lot for the video!

of course! Thanks for the game!

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😉😁

Vielen Dank!

very fun despite it being short

I would love to make it longer but it was made for two minute horror jam, thanks for playing <3


This game has some good sound and i was not expecting that ending! Your game was the second one i played


Thnaks a lot, very exiting gameplay xD

Very short, but sweet. Only wish we had more. 

Thanks for gameplay, unfortunately last daark spot is bugged and lot of ppl have problem with it xd, this game was created for two minute horror jam, so i couldnt make it longer :/

Ya it was bugged for me too. I got it to work by attempting to force myself in the room. That's why you don't see the spider well in my gameplay at the end

A nice and quick game. The sound design was great and got a few reactions outta me! The first game is what I played!

Thank a lot very funny gameplay xD

Nice, neat little game!
I honestly didn't expect that ending!

i love it mate

check my simple game too please https://bigboyaarush.itch.io/ball-roller

i would really appreciate it :)

loved the mechanic of shining the flashlight on spots to make things appear. only problem i had was that at the end, my flashlight wouldn't make the final spot appear - i had to stand back at a certain distance until my cursor lit up and it was a bit finicky.

i'd also suggest making the flashlight a toggle instead of holding down the mouse for accessibility reasons.

otherwise it's awesome! very cute!

Thanks a lot!

My playthrough starts at 5:10 

It was a very fun, short game. A great way to kill time if bored and such. I am interested in knowing more of a backstory or something bigger, like a game, in the future to explore these large spiders. The only thing I really disliked is how much Maria cries, but it is a minor issue and something understandable as she is young and in fear. Overall had fun playing your game from  0:30 - 2:51


Thanks a lot <3

Very interesting game. The game is weird and disturbing in a good way, it gets under your skin. I enjoyed the game and included it in a 3 game gameplay that I will link below if you are interested in watching. Gameplay starts at 10:23 .Enjoy!

Thanks for video and comment glad you enjoyed

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A really good game. I enjoyed it. 



I see I should make the "reveal" mechnic more obvious, because all of the ppl who played it had a problem with that. Thanks for video and comment <3

Surpsingly good for how short it is. Very simple but better then a lot of game jam games ive seen.

Thanks a lot <3